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Fire Alarms Bristol
Optical Beam Detection
Along with other forms of fire detection, optical beam detection is installed to help ensure the spread
of fire can be prevented and you can evacuate as quickly as possible should anything occur.
Fire Alarms Bristol
Prevent the spread of fire with early detection

Optical Beam Smoke Detectors work by using a projected beam of light to detect smoke in large areas. They are generally used in larger buildings where the size or height of a room would make standard smoke detectors an uneconomical alternative. If a certain percentage of light is blocked or absorbed by smoke an alarm is triggered to warn the buildings occupants that there is a fire.

Optical Beam Detection systems offer wider coverage at minimal cost compared to other fire detection methods, making it the perfect solution for commercial and industrial buildings where large spaces need to be monitored.

How do they work?
The Optical Beam Smoke Detector works by detecting light obscuration using a Transmitter and a Receiver. A Transmitter and Receiver are installed at opposite ends of the room, up to 100m apart and the Receiver is connected to a control unit. The Transmitter projects a beam of light across the room towards the Receiver. If the Receiver detects obscuration in the light, caused by obstruction or absorption from smoke, a signal is sent to the control unit which calculates the density of the smoke based on the level of obscuration and signals an alarm in accordance to pre-set sensitivity constraints.

Working throughout the Bristol and Cardiff area, our team will help find you the perfect fire alarm as well as install a number of detectors should you need added levels of protection.
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Fire Alarms Bristol Working throughout the Bristol area
Fire Alarms Bristol
Are you looking for a fire alarm for your building and are unsure on what is the best system? Speak with our team today.
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